How do I achieve this?

So, I have been up to something lately, I have been struggling to write something, No I do not write on a regular basis, but there are some things, some incidents which trigger the writer in you, don't they? Here's it, as I said, I  have been struggling to write, gosh! it is such a difficult task, I mean you have to keep several things in your mind from writing sense, to not being repetitive, to make sure the reader is not bored,to keep them engaged, to catch attention and most importantly, not be repetitive, I guess, I have said that twice, exactly my point! besides, you need to constantly keep up with the pace, and by pace I mean the rhythm at which you target your reader's attention and keep 'em going. (Correct me if I am wrong!) With not much of literature background, I sat down in front my screen held my head for a while and thought rather, asked myself, "How do I achieve this?" actually felt like giving up already, but then the thought of inking my

Hi Welcome to my Blog!

Hey! Just started a new blog,  feel like a new platform to express eh?! So I would be trying to post my experiences with people, things,food,places,philosophy, music, mostly dealing with first hand experiences. Doesn't seem much like a bad idea, I guess, so I have barely begun (yes, hence the name, bare beginnings, Get it?)  So, Here's to this thought of entering a new dimension of this world. Cheers! Ajay V Nair